Air Jordan I “Andonized”


The Air Jordan 1 will always be a considered one of the most classic basketball shoes of all time, considering that it is the first of the Air Jordan lineup. Since its debut, it has shown off many different editions and colorways.

The andonized Air Jordan 1 (sometimes referred to as AJ 1 Armor) is like the love child between a Foamposite and a Jordan. The shape and design of the Air Jordan 1 are still the same but the color finish is like that of a Foamposite.

Penny Foamposites are known for their metallic looking color finishes. Now, the Air Jordan 1 gets to share in some of that famous metallic finish. The term “andonized” actually derives from the word andonization that refers to the process of coloring metals.

The Air Jordan 1 Andonized comes in various colorways; most of them being inspired by the past Foamposite One/Pro releases. The colorways are as follows:

“Cranberry” Varsity Red
Aqua Blue
Reflective Silver

Out of the five various colorways of the sneaker, I must say, the Blackouts are my least favorite. I know you can never go wrong with an all-black sneak but, this colorway along with the Foamposite metallic finish reminds me too much of the look of patent leather. And if there’s anything I hate in fashion it’s gotta be patent leather. It’s quite peculiar because the other colorways have a type of dullness to them, but the all black andonized 1’s are just shiny. What’s up with that?

The best looking colorway is the reflective silver. I think my affinity for these comes from the fact that the sneaker is modeling a metallic finish, so for it to come in one of the original metallic colors is just dope. I’m also feeling the fact that it actually looks silver. Most shoes will flaunt the color “silver”, but really they just look bright gray. But, not the Reflective Silver’s. These bad boys are the real deal.

Source: Nicekicks