Best Stores to Get Limited Air Jordan Releases


Limited Air Jordan sneakers can be so hard to get a hold of. From the overwhelmingly long lines to the disappointment of your size being completely out of stock. It’s really a lot to take in. The possibilities of negative vibes are endless on release dates. However, there some retailers that make it their personal vendetta to make sure their customers receive the best ‘release date’ experience. Here’s a list of some of the best retailers to check out during those infamous release dates:

Crooked Tongues (London, UK): The team over at Crooked Tongues have been in the game since 2000. Not only do they offer a wide variety of limited Air Jordans but on other brands as well like Adidas, Nike, Vans, etc. They also offer FREE shipping worldwide. That alone is saying something.

Premier (Grand Rapids, MI): Just like Crooked Tongues, Premier offers a dope variety of various brands. Holding down the Great Lakes State with premium kicks, Premier stands at the forefront of getting a handle on those coveted limited releases.

Nick Kicks (Austin, TX): What is there to say about Nice Kicks? Variety, variety, variety, and even more variety. If you don’t find what you were looking for initially, you’re still bound to leave with something in tow. The Nice Kicks crew is also known for providing breakfast for customers on those crazy release dates.

The Good Will Out (Cologne, DE): Unlike the other retailers on the list, The Good Will Out is a little boutique with the dopest selection of kicks. I just checked out their site, and the variety they offer is fire. They also offer worldwide shipping within 2-5 days.

Even though there are so much more, these are just a few of the retailers that offer limited Air Jordans. If you would like to share more stores, hit us up in the comment section below. Even if they don’t have the sneakers you are after at the moment, next time just keep an eye out here on Alphastyles for news and release dates of those coveted kicks. They’re bound to pass through the hands of one of these retailers sometime soon.



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