New Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015 Sneakers Collection Pre Order


Givenchy fans rejoice as the latest sneakers from the French fashion house are made available for pre-order. For the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Givenchy has released a variety of new sneakers with different materials, silhouettes and prints. Besides the new models, some of the classics are back this season, like the Tyson High Tops and skate Slip-on shoes.

The new Givenchy shoes this season consists of a few different themes, from studs embellished slip-ons and Persian carpet prints to simple and clean silhouettes. There’s something for anybody. Check out the list below.

The new Givenchy sneaker boots features the Tyson upper on top of a white wedge sole. It’s a small change, but changes the look greatly.

The new Givenchy Chelsea sneaker boot features a smooth leather upper with studs embellished along the trim. A nice and subtle touch.

Another Sneaker boot, but with criss-cross elastic bands along the upper. These shoes are very minimalistic.

The popular Givenchy Tyson High Top sneaker is back with a flashy red and black Carpet print. These shoes are made to stand out.

A new model, the Givenchy Devon High Top sneakers, are simple yet subtle in classic design. Comes in two colorways.

The new Givenchy Slip-on shoes comes in brand new prints, like the Persian Carpet print and Cross print. One of the most exciting one is the Rottweiler. Studs are also present on two of the new Slip-on shoes.

We think Givenchy played it safe with their latest offerings, providing more timeless and toned down designs. What do you think of the new collection? Leave a comment below. You can pre-order these shoes now at online at Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. Follow us for more of the latest fashion sneaker releases.

Pictures courtesy of: Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue