New Louis Vuitton Line Up LV Monogram Mens Sneakers Fall 2014


Louis Vuitton fans feast your eyes on the new Line Up sneakers from the high end fashion brand. These new Louis Vuitton men’s shoes are anything but ordinary. It’s kind of like a “two-in-one” sneaker.

The new Louis Vuitton Line Up shoe comes in two models, a low top version and a sneaker boot version. The front part is made of plain calf leather in a luxurious dark red color. The back and the tongue is made with Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram canvas in brown. The two-tone rubber sole creates extra contrast.

These Louis Vuitton shoes are great for anyone who likes to show off the LV Monogram subtly. The silhouette is not over the top, but clean and simple.

Currently the shoes are already sold out online, so you know these are in demand. Contact your local Louis Vuitton store for any availability.


Pictures courtesy of: Louis Vuitton