Nike Air Max 95 Sneakers


The Nike Air Max 95 sneakers were first released in 1995, hence the name 95s. They were designed by legendary designer Sergio Lozano and were like nothing else on the market. Back in the day it was the first shoe of its kind and was a huge hit when it was released.

The Nike Air Max 95 was the first Nike shoe that featured the Air Max cushioning technology in the heel and forefoot. It was also the first time Nike compressed the Air Max unit in the heel to different levels of pressure, creating more cushioning and support. The Nike shoes also featured 3M reflective material on the front and back.

Other innovative features of the Nike Air Max 95 were the functional construction of layers on the upper. With its unique look, designer Sergio Lozano took his inspiration from the human body. The mesh upper represents the skin, the lace loops and laces the ribs, the side panels represents the muscle fibers and the midsole the spine.

With minimal branding, the Nike Air Max 95 only had two small Nike swooshes. One can be found on the side of the heel and one on the back of the shoe, letting the beauty of the shoes speak for itself.

Even the colorway was new and fresh. The first ever Nike Air Max 95 was released in the Black/Neon Yellow/White colorway. The vibrant neon green really sticks out over grey upper and unheard of black midsole. The yellow color throughout the air unit also created extra contrast and really brought the Nike Air Max 95 to life.

It could have been the colorway, the flashy Air units in the soles or the crazy overlapping mesh upper that made the Nike Air Max 95 such a great sneaker. On all fronts the shoe was a breakthrough for Nike with its innovative aesthetics and silhouette.

The Nike Air Max 95 has been retroed numerous times, but Nike always tries to reinvent the shoe with new technology. Over the years different kinds of materials were used on the Nike Air Max 95, like different types of mesh, patent leather, 3M material and also special hybrids which had the Nike Air Max 360 midsole.

Originally designed as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max 95 has now become more of a fashion statement. One of the main reasons for the Nike Air Max 95 to become so popular today, could be thanks to the wide variety of colorways produced. Over 150 different models are produced to date. One of the most popular colorways are the Neon, Slate, and Emerald.

The Nike Air Max 95 with its striking design remains a popular choice among sneaker collectors and fashion lovers. You can purchase them at Nike retailers and online at Nikestore here.


Pictures courtesy of: Nike


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