NikeLab Air Max 1 Deluxe Sneakers


Nike Air Max 1? An old tale you might think. But no, as time changes you need to keep up with the time. So what’s in nowadays? Luxurious leather sneakers of course.

What has this to do with the Air Max 1 you ask? Well, NikeLab has just announced to release the Air Max 1 in leather edition. So it will be one of the first timeless sneakers to have turned into luxurious and classy.

This sneaker is almost 30 years old and has been on the shell for quite some time. Nike will be releasing the leather editions in black, light grey and white. The in-soles will be crafted from cork and upper are tonal.

Great for casual and work, so take a look at this new sneaker whenever you get the chance to visit the store.