The hype of the Men’s Givenchy T-shirts


One may ask why a man should spend such an enormous amount of cash to buy a single Givenchy T-shirt. Despite the heavy price, he persists buying the same commodity each and every time a new brand is out in the market. It sounds pretty peculiar but the same man who spends such amount of cash on a mere T-shirt knows precisely what he is doing. Even though $500 is too much for an average man, some celebrities would wish to spend double of that in simple items like costumes and inner wears.

The Men’s Givenchy T-shirts are one of the most expensive men’s shirts in the market. Many questions have been raised about the high prices of the clothes with no precise answer. What exactly are the differences between these shirts and cheaper brands? Are the high prices really due to the quality like the craftsmanship, fabrics used, and the high cost of printing these shirts? These could be some of the reasons why some T-shirts are priced higher, but the main reasons go further than quality.

Artistic arguments make more sense. Anything made in limited runs might be more valuable for their design or collectability and will cost whatever the demand is. Also, clothes have become more like status symbols nowadays like a car. Not only are you paying for the T-shirt, you will also pay for the name of the brand. Givenchy T-shirts are popular among the top celebrities who can afford it and want to separate themselves from commoners. Clothing brands being out of reach to many, enhances their sense of uniqueness. This adds to the hype and demand of the T-shirts. These are some of the main reasons why the collections from brands like Givenchy, Lanvin, Dior, usually come in higher prices, simply because they can.

Despite the prices, it’s up to yourself how much money you want to spend on a T-shirt. The humble T-shirt is now a status symbol.


Left T-shirt: £460 / Approx. $706 USD, Right T-shirt: £420 / Approx. $644 USD.

Picture Source: Mr Porter


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