The New Air Jordan


The Jordan brand never fails to deliver the best quality, and most innovative basketball sneakers on the market, and with the arrival of the new Air Jordan 2012 the brand keeps well with tradition. The Air Jordan 2012 is literally six sneakers in one package. How is this possible? Boasting an outer shell inspired by jazz shoes from the 1920’s, the Air Jordan 2012 comes with two interchangeable inner shells and three switchable mid-soles for enhanced performance on the court.

The two interchangeable inner sleeves vary greatly in purpose. One is cut short for more versatility and quick movements, while the other wraps around the ankle for more stability and support.

The three mid-soles of the Air Jordan 2012 are specialized for the purpose of the athlete. Get familiar with them because they’re not leaving anytime soon:

The ‘Fly Around’ Mid-Sole: This mid-sole is for the quick player who flies up and the down the count. The ‘Fly Around’ is made of an advanced lightweight foam for the best cushioning, and it also has a Nike Zoom unit for extra cushioning in the heel area.

The ‘Fly Over’ Mid-Sole: You guessed it. This mid-sole was designed with the airborne athlete in mind. The guys at Jordan incorporated the Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot area along with an enclosed Air Sole unit in the heel to create the perfect balance for the ‘jumpman’.

The ‘Fly Through’ Mid-Sole: This mid-sole is for the athlete that goes hard in the paint. It contains a full length, enclosed Air Sole unit for lightweight cushioning and all around protection from the heel to the toes. It’s like having air bags right under your feet.

As you can see, the Air Jordan 2012 flaunts nothing but versatility. This sneaker can easily adapt to any changes that have to be made to your style of play.

Source: Nike Inc.