Skull Season: New Alexander McQueen Mens T-shirts


As always one of the brands to keep a close eye on is none other than Alexander McQueen. With the new collection the brand is bringing to the public different looks focused around skulls, snake skin, and allover graphic prints. That’s just to name a few. Alexander McQueen brings new life to the classic ‘skull’ concept by the various ways the graphic prints incorporate them. It’s definitely worth checking out before passing up on it. Here are a few pieces of the Alexander McQueen Mens T-shirt Skull Season that are quite noteworthy.

Black and White Wood Grain Skull Graphic Shirt: This shirt is not your typical long sleeve tee with a random skull thrown on it. The shirt features an allover black and white blended graphic print of wood grain. It’s a spacey rendition of the pattern since it’s mirrored. In the middle of the shirt features a skull incorporated into the wood grain print. It’s priced at $495 USD and can be purchased here.

Red Stained Glass Graphic Print T-shirt: This is short sleeved and also features an allover graphic print. The print is a small stained glass pattern of what you would most likely find in a church. The irony kicks in with the skull that sits in the center of the tee. Priced at $375 USD and available here.

Black Floral Skull Print Long Sleeve Shirt: This piece is a little more on the plain side, but still looks decent. The black long sleeve crewneck shirt features a printed floral skull in the middle. The graphic skull print is very subtle in tones of green, black, brown, beige and white. It’s priced at $220 USD and can is available here.

Burgundy Dotted Skull T-Shirt: This tee is featured in burgundy and has white dots at the front. Up close it may seem like a bunch of dots, however from far away the dots closer in the center form a skull. This shirt is also available in black; it’s a simple tee with a very subtle skull print. Priced at $195 USD and can be purchased here.

So, be on the watch for these looks at various in-store and online Alexander McQueen retailers. Tell us what you guys think about the collection.

Pictures courtesy of: ssense