Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Bag Pre Collection


The new Givenchy Fall/Winter pre-collection 2013, features hand held bags and backpacks. A very unique, street-style textured-wall graphic is imprinted on both bags and backpacks. Besides the excellent functionality, it stands out and offers an air of youthful graphics.

On the hand held bag, the textured wall image is most detailed. The majority of it is a black concrete-like surface, surrounded by wooden boards. The design is highly creative, and appears to be an abstract and modern take on street-style.

On the backpack the print is simpler, more chalkboard-like than anything. Regardless of what the graphics are, they’re eye-catching and their extraordinary appearance is sure to be a breath of fresh air in the Fall/Winter men’s fashion collection.

The same hand held bag and backpack are available in a brighter option as well, featuring a vibrant red target against plain black. Two stripes of red go from the target over the backpack’s pocket.

Both the hand held bag and the backpack are quite simple. They feature leather aspects, excellently crafted and sewn fabric and are a perfect embodiment of modern street style aesthetics and functionality.

You can view more of this year’s Givenchy collections here.



Source: Givenchy