Givenchy Men’s Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook

The Pre-Fall Lookbook for the 2013 season from Givenchy clearly shows that the fashion house decided not to stray too far from its popular successful design themes. For example, with the Givenchy Men’s Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook, we see that the dogs are back. The fashion power house had a successful 2012 season and their dogs prints featuring a Rottweiler theme was a huge success. This season, Givenchy returns with fresh dog print inspiration, but this time its Dobermans prints not Rottweilers.

The new Givenchy Men’s Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook comes with an assortment of bombers, shirting, trousers, argyle knits, leather clothing and jackets. There are also trendy looking HDG (Hubert de Givenchy) monogram designs and a neoprene fitted numbered shirt with the words PERVERT and the number 17 on the back.

All in all, the fashion conscious will clearly see that Givenchy didn’t disappoint with the 2013 Pre-Fall lookbook. It is clear that the fashion house plans to retain its dominance in the fashion industry. Their head designer, Riccardo Tisci was named Designer of the Year 2012 by GQ Magazine and his flair for creative design styles is clearly seen in this latest collection.
The latest 2013 season collection is all about leather, dogs print, plaid designs, motif design and monogram. I particularly liked their dogs print and range of leather collections. I can clearly see myself looking good and feeling comfortable in any of their leather collection that really does look fashionable. For those who like to make a bold statement with their dress choice, the Pervert 17 numbered shirt is sure to be a hit. You can check out selected photos from the Givenchy Men’s Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook.

Source: Givenchy