Givenchy Men’s Wallet & Pouch Fall/Winter 2013 Pre Collection


Givenchy has taken its designs up a notch, introducing hues and prints to their wallet and pouch 2013 Fall pre-collection. The new style is distinctly high fashion street, blending black with colorful graphics and patterns.

One of the most unique of their collection is the image of a Rottweiler, artistically blurred and distorted to fit the dark, plain fabric of their wallets perfectly.

Givenchy’s most colorful designs in the collection is a document holder, covered in various hues of red, black, brown and tan. The brown is made to look like wood, and the colors bring the masterpiece of leather together into a tartan-like appeal.

A simple black leather wallet is also part of the collection, with a smooth but hairy textured surface and a sleek black zipper. It’s ideal for a fashionable guy; its design is masculine, functional and small enough to slide into a pocket with ease.


Similar to this wallet is a brown and black version, with three slits detailing the front. The majority of the wallet is black, with a bar of brown at the bottom. Givenchy’s logo rests just above the bar, surrounded by the exquisitely sewn edges of this soft leather blend of casual and classy.

For those with glasses, pens, or anything large to carry about, a leather pouch is available too. It’s 1/3 brown on top, 2/3 black below, with a smooth zipper on the lower edge. The zipper’s pull is punctuated by a single, short strap of leather -a minor but outstanding facet of the design.


Targets also find their place in the collection, imprinting the surface of one of Givenchy’s newest wallet designs. In bright orange-red, they jump out and make an eye-catching accompaniment to the wallets’ sleek black leather. Stars and stripes are part of this collection as well.





In a nutshell, the overall flair of Givenchy’s 2013 pre-fall collection is class, style, and bold, exciting graphics that bring a unique taste to any wallet, document holder or pouch. If you need yourself a new wallet or pouch keep an eye out for this seasons Givenchy collection. They will be available later this year.

Pictures courtesy of: Givenchy