Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 Backpacks


Each season Givenchy provides cutting edge accessories for men. This is often an area of the fashion industry that is overlooked in favor of designing more unique products for women. However, Riccardo Tisci does anything but ignore his male clients with his great range of backpacks inspired by military wear.

One of the best backpacks from this Spring/Summer 2013 collection comes in a printed green paisley with brown leather accents. This is an amazing bag that could easily transition into warmer months. Its unique print is also a great reminder that man can pull off busy patterns just as easily as women. The large leather pocket on the front of the backpack toughens it up. Tisci also adds a bit of humor to the print with the fighter planes flying through the background of the green paisley.


If you like your backpacks a little more classic, then the classic black leather and mesh bag will be your ideal choice. The body of the bag is a perforated mesh that makes the backpack’s texture look more unique than classic nylon or canvas. However, there is a heavy duty black leather pocket in the front. This gives the bag its customary Givenchy luxe touch.


There also two other printed bags in the collection with religious and military iconography. All come with adjustable straps that feature the Givenchy name. If you are looking for a new backpack, then one of these might be the choice for you if you like ironic and modern design from this Givenchy collection. The paisley print backpack can be found at here and the black perforated backpack can be found here. They retail for $1135 USD.

Pictures courtesy of: ssense