Highsnobiety x Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Cover Cases


Back due to popular demand, Highsnobiety and fashion designer Marcelo Burlon re-released their own iPhone 5 covers. These cool iPhone covers feature Marcelo Burlon’s most popular graphic prints from the “Count of Milan” first T-shirt collection on the back.

The three iPhone 5 cases have a soft touch matte finish and all come in black. There are three prints available: the “Dom” with its colored wings; the “Sun” with the red snake; and the “Pas” with its colored feather. They also have Highsnobiety’s logo inside.

The Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 cover sure makes a bold statement. If you’re bored with your current cover or want to match your cover with your Marcelo Burlon T-shirt, you have to be quick because they will be available in limited quantities.

They are priced at 35 Euros (approximately $45USD) at Soto online webstore here.

Pictures courtesy of: Soto