New Bathing Ape Shoes of 2013


Bathing Ape has come out with several new Bathing Ape shoes in bold and daring designs, featuring colorful graphics and a rounded, chunky appeal this year. Bathing Ape’s signature camo can’t be missed as it’s featured through most of the shoes.


Bathing Ape’s much admired skate shoe, the Road Sta, has received a vibrant face lift this season. It comes in a super charged neon lime green and an an eye catching sunny yellow. These shoes will definitely get your style the attention it deserves.

The neon colored Road Sta features its trademark star and lightening applique on the side. The shoes also has matching laces and a perforated toe. The sole of the shoe is about an inch thick giving a bit more substance. The neon color of the shoe is in full charge at the heel as it fades to white towards the front of the sole. The ombre effect adds a bit of dimension to the design as well.


The 1ST Camo Canvas Skull Sta Low sneakers come with its classic rubber shell toe. The 1ST Camo skull Sta Low sneakers are extremely comfortable, featuring soft white leather lining and a cushioning sole. They come in light and dark camouflage pattern options, enhanced by fat white laces and Bape’s signature STA on the sides. Bathing Ape’s focus for Spring 2013 is extremely retro, and these shoes were obviously created to make a statement.


Bathing Ape’s Shark Leather Ultra Skull STA High top sneakers are also available this year, in a wildly printed design featuring camouflage tongues, tiger print and block texts. The laces match the tongues, crawling up the high top shoe in green and brown colored ties. Available in green, red and black.


The College Print Bape STA Mid Bathing Ape shoes variation comes in navy, black and red. Their design is all about contrast, as thered leather details stand out against the high top shoe’s white leather background. A great pair of sneakers if you are looking for a clean pair of shoes.


The Apesta silhouette Bathing Ape shoes offer a surprisingly subtle and almost classy look. They come in Bathing Ape’s signature camouflage, but the brown and black hues are toned down and blend together to create a sleek, dark shoe. This footwear makes an impression in a more inconspicuous way than its Bathing Ape counterparts. The toe box and tongue of the Apesta silhouette are a simple black shade, allowing the white laces to stand out in bright relief.


The Explosive Camo Yank Sta Canvas sneakers are perfect for the hot summer days. The newest addition sports an all over print of Bathing Ape’s Explosive Camo print. The design looks similar of VANS sneakers, but Bape fans will surely love these too.

Bathing Ape is a prominent provider of street wear. Each Bathing Ape shoe design is crafted to exude attitude, their variations suited to any taste and preference. With Bathing Ape shoes, you’re sure to mark the streets with daring colors and a bold style. Check them out at, but order them quick because they are already out of some sizes!