New Givenchy T-shirts Fall/Winter 2013 now available


Givenchy has been known for selling graphic T-shirts and they are very popular among many celebrities. Givenchy released some fresh new T-shirts from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection with recurring motifs and prints paying homage to previous collections.

One of the most popular pieces from Riccardo Tisci’s previous collection was the Givenchy Rottweiler shirt back in 2011. They were worn by many celebrities and were sold out in a heartbeat. This time we see the dog print coming back in this collection, but this time it’s the Dobermans.

One of the stand-out pieces with this seasons returning dog print, is the big paint filtered Doberman face print T-shirt. The graphic and colors work well together and are not too flashy. It is elegant and classy. Another new design is a mirrored Doberman face with either on a black canvas and a more daring black and red plaid background.

Another recurring motif from previous collections is this T-shirt with a print of a shark jawbone in a circle with a star at the top. It’s a very simple, yet noticeable Givenchy design.

The most notable T-shirt from this collection goes to the “Target” print T-shirt. It has a vibrant orange color with a mix of different motifs. It has 4 target prints on each corner of the canvas connected by an argyle motif which also cuts the sleeves. In the middle of the T-shirt there’s a big star logo on a background of a plaid motif with many smaller stars.

No doubt, with this T-shirt you will stand out from the crowd. You are the target of attention (I see what you did there).

The T-shirts are priced between $395 USD to $835 USD. If you are a fan of Givenchy you can’t miss out on these T-shirts, that ‘s if you haven’t bought them already. The new T-shirt collection is available to purchase from Luisviaroma here.




Pictures courtesy of: luisaviaroma