New Katie Eary Graphic T-shirts and Sweatershirts


Do you like graphic printed T-shirts as much as we do? When a design is unique and creative, we get excited and like to share it with our readers. London-based designer, Katie Eary, ticks all the boxes when it comes to creativity, innovation and style.

With eye-catching designs and vibrant colors, Katie Eary cuts through the status quo of menswear with her own vision. Her previous collections showcased modern prints of animals and fish, and these new pieces follow the same path. One of the new T-shirts and sweatshirts feature a big blue lobster across the front.

Staying on trend with the floral prints, some other pieces feature prints of pink flowers. The most subtle is the sweatshirt with a big flower across the front. Then there are also an all over flower print T-shirt.

Finish the look with some dark or black pants and some bright shoes and accessories to compliment the prints. Check out the new Katie Eary collection now at mrporter online here.



Pictures courtesy of: mrporter