Nigo’s Definitive Departure from A Bathing Ape


Nigo, founder of Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape, announced that as of 30 April 2013 the term of his contract with I.T Limited (the new owners of A Bathing Ape since January 2011) as Creative Director has concluded.

Hong Kong brand I.T. Limited bought 90% in shares of the Bape brand back in 2011. The business didn’t run well according to Nigo, resulting in financial difficulties and eventually the sale. Nigo continued as the Creative director on the new board of Bape, but that contract has now concluded. Nigo closes his 20 years of work, creating and designing A Bathing Ape clothing, but he mentioned that he will now continue to work as a freelance creator in many different fields of the brand.

The signs were there, as many of the recent designs of Bathing Ape’s 20th anniversary T-shirts and art pieces signified “The end” and “Death” of the brand. We wonder how A Bathing Ape will take shape from now on without its founder at the steers. Bathing Ape has been and still is very popular among celebrities. How do you feel about Nigo’s departure?

Source: Nigo