Qlocktwo W Watch: Who Needs Numbers?


A watch without numbers? A spicy timepiece to look out for is the Qlocktwo W Watch. This watch is totally different from the average watch. For starters, the face of the watch is square. This may not be such a strange feature but it adds to the futuristic, yet minimal aesthetic to the watch.

Unlike most watches, the Qlocktwo W Watch contains no numbers. But how do you tell time without numbers? Biegert & Funk, the designer, decided that numbers are a bit overrated and went with the only other alternative: words.

The Qlocktwo W Watch tells you exactly what time it using words. It’s so cool how it does it. Not only are the hours and minutes available but there is also the option to see the date and seconds.

The watch comes with 24 mm leather strap, and is featured in white, black and brushed or polished steel. Each one is handmade in Germany and comes in three languages: English, French and German. They can be purchased on their online store here.



Pictures courtesy of: qlocktwo