The Best Men’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers for Fall/Winter 2013


What’s the first thing that pops up when you think of Louis Vuitton? Bags and accessories are things Louis Vuitton are well known for, but sneakers? Louis Vuitton flies under the radar when it comes to sneakers, but the luxury brand creates very nice men’s shoes.

Check this list for the 4 best Louis Vuitton sneakers for this season.

1. Louis Vuitton Mix Patchwork sneakers
Simple, but stylish. This sneaker features tone-on-tone patchwork of calf leather and suede. An oversized “LV” is debossed on the side for everyone to see. Comes in red, blue, green, black and black/red.

2. Louis Vuitton Elliptic Sneaker.
More sophisticated than the previous model, this sneaker features a strap on the upper, a Louis Vuitton embossed handle on the back and Louis Vuitton’s classic Damier canvas on the sides. Available in brown, grey and blue.

3. Louis Vuitton Charcoal Sneaker
This hybrid sneaker mixes oiled calf leather on the upper with a contrasting suede flap at the back. The two tone sole creates extra contrast. It also has a Louis Vuitton metal plaque on the tongue. This model comes in black, grey and brown.

4. Louis Vuitton Mirage Sneaker
These High-Tops have a very minimalist style, but has refined details. The sneaker features a flap concealing the eye rows, an elastic band on the back of the heel, a strap at the front and a Louis Vuitton metal plaque on the tongue. They come in the colors black and blue.

There you have it. Enough cool sneakers from Louis Vuitton to choose from this season. Check your local LV retailer for these dope kicks. Tell us which one is your favorite model.

Pictures courtesy of: Louis Vuitton


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