Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets


All the camera lovers need to check this item out. American jewelry brand, SDPNT, specializes in crafting old camera lenses into edgy, attention-grabbing bracelets. It’s a really cool concept. Each bracelet is handcrafted by a traveling photography fanatic named Stefaan.

All of the bracelets are one of a kind and crafted with the best craftsmanship. Before he started the brand, Stefaan would share the bracelets with his family and friends. Now he’s opened them up to the public.

The vintage camera lens bracelets range from bangle sized, to a thin size. He even has room for custom orders if a one would like to use their personal lens to turn into a bracelet.

Currently some of the SDPNT camera bracelets have been re-stocked after being sold out instantly. The bracelets range in price from $225 to $290 USD depending on the size. Check out the entire collection here.

Pictures courtesy of: SDPNT